Elephant Pub // Woolton // Liverpool |

Fika is a concept in Scandinavian culture, which simply means “to have coffee with friends”. Must be accompanied with a cake, pastry, cookie or pie. Ask us about today’s FIKA  Special.


We think it’s about time we all took some time to Fika, you deserve it after all. Our bakers are creating a special daily bake for you to enjoy with friends, served from 9am every morning.

Alberts Schloss // Manchester // UK |

The Swedish are some of the least stressed workers in the World; Fika is mandatory and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. So, go on, tell your boss you’ll be back in half an hour, call up a friend or Fika alone and take the time to relax, contemplate and rejuvenate.

We’re supplying the coffee and cake, you just need to get yourself here.


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